2nd July 2024

Open Bionics have changed my Daughters life for good. The whole process of creating the perfect bionic arm was pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family. Open bionics helped us every step of the way, including getting the funds together to buy the hero arm. I would give them 10 stars if the option was there.
Since my daughter has started using the arm she has started learning a lot of new things she can do but also it has gave her so much confidence in every day life.
If you or anyone is looking into Bionic arms I would 100% get one from Open Bionics.
The arm itself has many different movement options and is easily done. The control of the movement is very impressive. It’s strong, slick and not to heavy. Covers can be replaced with ease and the arm just looks great.
Thank you again Open Bionics for making my Daughter one step ahead of everyone else rather than one step back.