Open Bionics HeroCare Plans

What happens after I get my Hero Arm? What about when it runs out of warranty?

HeroCare is a monthly subscription plan that you can buy after your initial warranty term ends. It covers the full warranty on your Hero Arm, and provides you with OB Coins which you can use to buy from Open Bionics at a 10% discount. That means when the time comes to get your next Hero Arm, you’ll have a much lower bill and your ongoing care will be more affordable.

HeroCare is flexible, so you can switch between plans whenever you like if your financial circumstances change, or cancel at any time.

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Hero Arm Care Plans



✓ Manufacturer Warranty ✓ Training ✓ Customer Support 35 OB Coins each month for upgrades



✓ Manufacturer Warranty ✓ Training ✓ Customer Support 100 OB Coins each month for upgrades

What are OB Coins?

You can spend OB Coins on any Open Bionics product or service. This could include additional Hero Arm covers, extra clinical appointments, refits for your existing Hero Arm, or an entirely new Hero Arm. Any purchase using OB Coins will automatically receive a 10% discount. You can save all your monthly OB Coins to upgrade to an entirely new Hero Arm in the future!

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