Light & Powerful

Each Hero Arm is unique, just like you. There are over 100 components in each arm working seamlessly together to give you full control of grips, comfort and strength. The Hero Arm is suitable for children from 7 years old and adults of all ages.

The Hero Arm is one of the most affordable advanced bionic arms on the market. Request full pricing and a free Hero Arm trial.

Hero Arm Superpowers


Wear all day

12oz Lightest bionic hand
✓ Robust Nylon 12 material
✓ Strong – lift up to 17.64 lbs

+50 designs

Extension of your personality

50 Swappable designs with covers
✓ Free Disney/ Marvel covers
✓ Easy magnetic snap on feature


Perfect fit promise

✓ Liner expands as you move
✓ Adjustable fit with boa technology
✓ Special ventilation panels for air-flow

Up to 6 grips

Your arm, your rules

✓ Grab, punch, pinch, high five
✓ No fuss freeze mode
✓ You’re in control of finger speed

Hero Arm in the spotlight

Download Hero Arm Brochure

From cooking, to cycling, find out the different ways people use the Hero Arm everyday in our latest brochure.

It’s all thanks to the Hero Arms I am able to teach again! From writing on the school board, to carrying books, children are obsessed with the Hero Arms and always ask me to show how they work. – Bionic Teacher – Kath Tregenna

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick – New for 2022

Three years in development, our new Sidekick app is packed with training videos, how-to guides, tracking, and personalization features. Using your new Hero Arm, in a few clicks you’ll be able to connect your bionic arm with the Sidekick app and enjoy a whole host of cool features like sensor configuration, grip mode organization, and adjustment of the look and feel of your Hero Arm.

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Each Hero Arm Comes With

Fixed medical fees
Hero Arm upgrades
Perfect fit promise
Full training
Virtual support team

Funding support available

If it’s your goal to get a Hero Arm, let our team help you make it happen. Whether it’s insurance, or securing funding through grants, and crowdfunding, our funding success team will be there every step of the way until you have the funds needed to get your custom Hero Arm.

Start bionic journey

Meet our Bionic Squad!

This ever-expanding group are true pioneers, the very first people in the world to be fitted with 3D-printed multi-grip bionic arms. They embrace their individuality and break down barriers. You may recognise a few of them from viral videos and TV appearances..! #BionicSquad

Bionic Dad Danny

“The experience of getting fitted with a Hero Arm is incredible. You have these expectations, and it exceeds them all. My arm helps me in my role as a dad in so many ways.”

Michelle from Texas

“To put my makeup on for the first time in 35 years with my right arm using the Hero Arm was incredible.”

Bionic Bella

“I now have two hands! I am so excited. To be able to bend my fingers and pick things up is a dream come true.”

Dancing Queen Mary from Ohio

The biggest surprise of all was that the pain in my shoulder went away, my posture improved which had such an impact on my day-to-day. The Hero Arm has become a part of me. I love to dance and it gives me joy to see how gentle I can flex the bionic fingers in a ballerina pose.