Bionic Caroline

Caroline, 58, caught COVID-19 in March 2020. Three weeks later, she developed a chest infection which developed into viral pneumonia and then viral sepsis. After a month in a coma, Caroline suffered kidney failure and nearly died twice. When she awoke she found sepsis had spread and had to undergo a quadruple amputation surgery to survive. Here’s Caroline’s bionic journey.

Recovering from a life-changing quadruple amputation

The first time I put my hooks on I cried because I felt they made me look so ‘disabled’. I didn’t have any of that feeling with the Hero Arm. It’s great, it’s so exciting to be able to pick things up. The first time I picked up the ball and I held it and dropped it, that was just..Yeah..It’s like having a super power really isn’t it.

Caroline picked yellow covers to reflect her personality

It sounds weird but a lot of fun in my recovery has been learning new things and this is another new thing to learn. It’s to do things I can’t do, nothing can replace my hands, but this will give me more functionality. I think my Hero Arm is really funky because it’s not pretending to be a human hand. I’m an amputee, my hands are never going to grow back, there is no point pretending. I want people to accept me as I am. I hope this will break down barriers between me, as someone with a disability, and everyone else.

Watch Caroline Receive her Hero Arm